Idea Gallery is an art gallery that serves in this segment with over ten years of experience in presenting and introducing visual arts and contemporary art research. The gallery has been presenting and supporting contemporary Iranian artworks, honoring pioneers and supporting anonymous but talented artists since October 2008 and has been active in the field of art consulting and expert services.

Idea gallery located in the central city of Tehran and having a strategic position in the cultural context of the city, provides the opportunity to bring together artists in a dynamic space, while many visual artists can visit the Idea Gallery and other galleries in the area which also provide an active atmosphere in art space of Tehran.

Idea Gallery has done all the best to achieve excellence ideals in terms of interior space and display instrument. These include the following:

Adequate and professional equipment, including a spacious, modern and multipurpose space, has been incorporated to display all kinds of visual artwork, a dedicated gallery space for artists and a gallery equipped with up-to-date digital audio and video equipments. In addition to the space for interaction and dialogue has improved this location in terms of quality. Other activities in this area are special maintenance of artworks, widespread exhibitions, and artist identification within the art community.

Throughout its years of operation, Idea Gallery, with its ambitions to grow in the cultural and artistic realms, has endeavored to excellently promote the renowned artists and to support and encourage young and talented artists in the right direction and educate the new generation.

Another goal of the Idea Gallery is to introduce the latest visual arts achievements in the areas of photography, painting, design, graphics, calligraphy, sculpture, digital art and more.

The Idea Gallery also strives to play its part in the sustainable development of the art economy and supports artists in this regard, considering appropriate economic contexts in line with cultural situation. Promoting international communication and attending art markets is one of the future plans and approaches of the gallery.

Other strategic decisions of the Idea Gallery are to maintain the dynamism and continuity of the artistic activity, which depends on the support of the artists and the creation of a productive interaction with the community, and especially with the art community.

In addition to all the Idea Gallery activities, the Idea Cafe Terrace is an ideal environment for engaging within the Idea Art Gallery, providing an invaluable opportunity for interaction and exchange between artists and audience.